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The Major Kinds of Cosmetics You Should Focus On When Looking To Sell Cosmetics Online Fast

The demand for cosmetic products is growing at a frantic pace. This is because women want to look their best every time. So leveraging this opportunity now could be a game changer for your business moving forward. However, like any other business, there are cosmetic products that sell and those that don’t. It’s the purpose of this article to highlight the major categories of cosmetics products to dwell on if you want your venture to thrive:

1. Hair care is the most profitable categories when looking to sell cosmetics online

Statistically, about 20% of cosmetic products sold in the beauty industry are hair care products. The hair care category features products designed to make hair clean and attractive. Typical examples of hair care products include hair gels, shampoos, relaxers, pomade, conditioners, hair styling products, as well as colorings and dyes. Businesses that use these hair care products the most are barber shops and beauty salons, as well as women who use these products privately. The boom in the fashion industry has also seen men consuming hair care products a lot. Men with hairstyles such as Afro, Sporting Waves, and dreadlocks consume hair care products a lot.

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2. Consider skin care products when looking to sell cosmetics online

Skincare represents the largest category of cosmetic products. It comes with numerous assortments, with a huge array of formulas, products, and brands. The explosion of a vast range of skin care products is attributed to the different skin kinds such as normal, oily, dry, and sensitive. As a result, cosmetic companies are hard at work to release unique skin care products adapted to the different kinds of skins. The skin care category accounts for about 30% of cosmetic products disseminated and sold in the market today. Typical cosmetic products in the skin care category include skin moisturizers, facial products, toners, anti-acne, cleansers, and anti-aging products.

3. Makeup is an excellent opportunity to sell cosmetics online

Makeup, sometimes called decorative cosmetics or color cosmetics encompasses a range of products utilized by women to enhance their facial beauty. Makeup is also used on the nails, lips, and eyes. This is the most complicated category of cosmetics, as it caters to different people with different needs. Typical examples of makeup products include blushes, lipsticks, face powders, concealers, eyeliners, mascara, makeup removers and nail polish.

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Skincare represents the largest category of cosmetic products.

4. Fragrances make our list of the best opportunities to sell cosmetics online

This category of cosmetics sells the least in the cosmetic market. But, among the cosmetic categories in the marketplace, it makes the biggest profit. Typical examples of fragrances include all sorts of essential oil mixtures and aromatic compounds that offer the human body an attractive scent. Some typical categories of fragrances include cologne, perfume, Eau De Toilette, aftershave and Eau De Parfum. What sets fragrances apart from other cosmetics is that it’s dominated by major celebrity and designer brands.

5. Personal care and toiletries also falls under online cosmetics business opportunities

This is a unique category of cosmetics because the products that are featured here are chiefly used to clean the body, as well as maintain personal hygiene. They are not precisely formulated to enhance beauty. They are characterized by high demand, as they move quickly. Typical products in this category include deodorants, sunscreens, bathing soaps, toothpaste, hair removal preparations, shaving creams, antiperspirants, and other products used in the bathroom. 

This rundown can help you choose the line of cosmetic products to start selling online. And with the cosmetics industry projected to increase twofold by 2020, this is the right time to set up your business. Also, make a point to set up an online extension of your cosmetic business to tap into the ever-growing online consumers.